Our Therapy Process

Faith-based counseling refers to counseling or psychotherapy that involves religious (Christianity) components. This type of counseling is likely to be of interest to people for whom spirituality or religion plays a major role in their lives, and who lean into their faith-based values to help them to make decisions, understand suffering, set priorities, and create purpose and meaning in their lives.



Religion refers to an organized and shared set of beliefs, values, and practices that guide an identifiable religious community in its quest to deepen its spirituality.

The goals of faith-based counseling will be determined by the client in conjunction with their counselor.

Some of these goals might include:
  • Making sense of suffering and challenges in one’s life
  • Learning how to use  religious interventions to deepen one’s faith and increase  coping skills
  • Finding a purpose or meaning in life
  • Identifying religious values to help to guide life decisions and choices
  • Learning how to forgive others or oneself, and how to ask for forgiveness
  • Connecting or reconnecting with a religious community